Join us for Sunday School at 9:15 and Worship at 10:45 am and 6:00 pm


Adult Sunday School

Two New Fall Adult Sunday School Classes

"Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis"

Dates:  Each Sunday morning in Sept., Oct., and Nov.
Time: Classes begin at 9:15am.
Place: Gearhart Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Joe Bono and Goldon Burch
Format: 22-minute DVD produced by the Institute of Creation Research, followed by discussion and questions.

Did you always want to know, but didn't know who to ask? Questions like...

  • Was the universe designed or did it all happen by chance?
  • Is the earth really billions of years old? Or is it more like thousands of years old?
  • Was the flood really worldwide? Was it just a worldwide heavy downpour for 40 days?
  • Did dinosaurs live and die before man existed?
  • Did man (did I) really evolve from primates (apes)?
  • Where did life really come from?

If you want real scientific answers to questions like these, then you might want to get up a little earlier each Sunday morning so you don't miss a single Sunday School Class starting September3!  You'll be so glad you did!


A study in the Book of James

Taught by:  Magdalena Yoder

A study of how the gospel affects our daily lives in

  • How we relate to each other
  • how we act
  • how we should view suffering 

This class for women will meet in the Library each Sunday in September, October, and November at 9:15am.


NEW Teacher Training Classes

The next class will be held on September 10.  The topic is Pitfalls in Bible Teaching: Beware the Killer Be’s .  The class meets during Sunday School in the pastor's office.   A complete class schedule can be found here.