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Through the Bible in 2018

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A Plan for Reading Scripture Book by Book


The Joy of Being in Christ

It is hard to exaggerate all the joy of life in Christ. Do you know what it means to be in Him? This theme runs through Paul's letters....

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Reflections on Reading Poetry and Proverbs

Mary and I recently took a drive through a scenic part of our rural Virginia county on a beautiful late Spring afternoon. We drove as slowly as was prudent in order to drink in the sights and smells of newly mowed hay fields, wildflowers and honeysuckle, cows and calves, sheep and goats, rolling hills and mountain peaks....

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David as King

The Bible gives us a rather in depth look at the life of David. We are fortunate in this because there are many great lessons to learn from one whose life would otherwise be an enigma....

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Emotions and the Imago Dei

Our emotions can be troublesome leading us down paths we later regret, but should we attempt to escape them? Or can they be redeemed by God for a good purpose?...

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Time Out

I hope you were able to complete our scheduled reading for last week in 1 Samuel 21-31 and Psalms 16-30....

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God’s Providence in an Historic Moment

Many ask why certain occurrences happen. The Bible doesn't answer all our questions, but it does teach us what we need to know--that God is in control of the most personal details of human life as well as of the events at the highest levels of nations and empires....

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Handling Spiritual Infants

The Apostle Paul exemplified the patience and grace of God in dealing with spiritual infants. Here are three ways we can be like him in our care of new and young believers....

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Lessons from Two Weddings

The battle between good and evil, the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, continues to play out in ancient Israel even in the Promised Land. Two weddings demonstrate the reality of this battle in vivid terms but also remind us of Who ultimately has won this conflict. ...

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Joshua and Jesus: What’s in a name?

Names have meanings that carry over when translated from one language to another. Jesus is the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Joshua, but both names have the same meaning. Joshua the man points to Jesus the God-Man who leads us into our eternal promised land with Him....

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The Son of Man and Why He Came

There are four gospels in our Bibles. Do you know what is unique about the Gospel of Mark? Read on to find out how Mark gives a special look at Jesus Christ....

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