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The Bible in 2017

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The Meaning and Purpose of Life

In God, we see our lives are not a result of random molecules coming together, but we are chosen by Him and for Him. We have meaning and purpose....

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What God Wants

God needs nothing from us. Everything we have comes from Him and belongs to Him. But there is something He wants from us. Does He find it in you?...

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Don’t Put Out the Fire of the Spirit

Christians, beware! Although our relationship with God is secure, we can act in ways that seriously jeopardize our fellowship with the Holy Spirit....

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Sin--Why We Can’t See God

Sin is what blocks us from seeing and hearing God. He calls us to holiness, but we disobey especially in the area of sexual purity and love toward others....

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Distress and Comfort

The Christian rests in his relationship to God through Christ and finds comfort when the spiritual state of those he loves distresses him....

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The Victory of the Gospel

Will the gospel win the victory? God’s word--though ignored, thwarted, ridiculed, and opposed--will always triumph. He guarantees it....

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The Extent of Salvation

How far does salvation extend? God saves people completely and He saves them everywhere--from every tribe and tongue and nation to the ends of the earth....

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Life Under Surveillance

Believers are under surveillance, and they are called to live so that neither their lifestyle nor their speech enable disbelief by others....

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God Wins; Don’t Fight Him

At the end of this age, God wins. Each of us must decide today. Do we take Him as our God or substitute something else, something earthly?...

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Complete in Him

Do you feel incomplete in yourself? We should, because God’s full deity is in Christ and only in Him are we complete having all we could ever need....

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