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The Bible in 2018

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Nobodies Made Famous by God

Those whom God chooses and uses for His purposes need not hold high standing in their society. Here we meet two ordinary men--nobodies until God used them....

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Obedience by Faith

Queen Esther risked her life to obey God. So did the apostles. We applaud them now, but at the time they had to practice obedience by faith....

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The Faithful Church Impacts Culture

The presence of God’s people within an unbelieving culture impacts that society. But will we learn from history and stand firm for the truth in our day?...

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Praying to a Big God for Big Things

How a person prays reflects much about his or her faith in and knowledge of God. Today we get a look at the prayer lives of three great men of God....

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God or Government? Choosing Whom to Obey

God’s people understand that our secular rulers are servants of God who must be obeyed except when they command disobedience to the Lord....

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The Importance of Expository Preaching

Good preaching is modeled in the Bible. But it is too scarce in pulpits today. Are you hearing sound preaching as the Bible commands and demonstrates?...

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Generosity and Contentment: How we know we're saved

Faith alone saves, but since it is invisible how do we know we are saved? Here are two concrete evidences....

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Emotional Engagement

The life of faith is not a cold, intellectual exercise. The presence of God manifested by His mighty works brings deep emotional engagement to the believer....

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To the End of the Earth

What is the relationship of the Christian to the world? God prohibits marriage to unbelievers, but sends us to evangelize them to the end of the earth....

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Following Christ without Distraction

God calls people to avoid distractions and focus on following Christ through careful study and applying of His Word. But when we fail is there any hope?...

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