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The Bible in 2017

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Worship: True and Biblical

Christians differ on the proper way to do corporate worship. But we can all agree that it is a matter of utmost importance. God's glory is at stake....

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Not Far from the Kingdom of God

Jesus told a scribe that he was not far from the kingdom of God. What made Him say this? Would Jesus say that about you? Learn more in today's reading....

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Warning! Dangerous Road Ahead

The Bible gives many examples both positive and negative for our instruction. In today's reading we can learn much from two bad examples....

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Keeping Your Soul

Spiritual leaders give careful instructions and urgent warnings to their disciples. Moses did. Jesus did. Will we learn from them?...

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The Grace of God to All Nations

Jesus echoed the prophets when He rebuked the abuses in the temple during His day. God shows His grace to all the nations and Jesus made this clear....

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Law and Grace: a contrast

For the guilty there was no mercy in Moses' law, but Jesus came bringing grace and giving His life as a ransom. What a great contrast between law and grace!...

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The Obedient Life: Cost and Rewards

Through the ages, God's people learn that great blessing comes through being obedient to Him no matter the cost. May we learn this today....

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A Warning about Causing People to Sin

God will not overlook the evil of causing others, especially His people and little children, to sin. Here is a serious warning to heed....

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Can we trust the Bible?

In the era of fake news do you wonder if you can trust the Bible? Here is evidence for the book that claims to be the inerrant Word of the Eternal God....

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A Man in Love with the World

Those who love the world and its allurements will learn the price for that love is incalculable. Balaam became a horrible example to remember....

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