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The Bible in 2017

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Born of God

Without a new birth, brought about by God, even the most informed people do not receive His Word but persist in all kinds of pagan abominations....

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Default Position Reset

Our computers come with factory default positions. As fallen humans our default positions concerning faith need a reset. Have yours been reset?...

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The Heart of the Problem

Our problem is not lack of knowledge but the resistance in our hearts to believe God and to love Him more than anything or anyone else....

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Paradise: Who Gets In?

The way to paradise is not through our own good works. Rather, it comes by grace through faith to the repentant sinner even one dying naked on a cross....

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Two Kings; Two Offerings

Today we read about two kings in Jerusalem. Both made offerings for sin. But one offered animals and the other offered Himself....

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The Backdrop of God’s Glory

What a contrast in leadership: Pontius Pilate and King Solomon! But against the backdrop of these two men we can see the glory of God in a fresh way....

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God’s Wisdom and Sovereignty

Does evil in yourself and in the world overwhelm you? Scripture shows us that sin can never thwart God's wisdom. He even uses sin for His glory....

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Rulers Remembered: the Just and the Unjust

Does it seem like evil rulers get away with murder while just ones are forgotten? Beware! For they will all answer to the Eternal Judge....

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God's Timing: does He schedule things?

Does God control both what happens and when? Jesus Christ's disciple knows that God orchestrates all of life down to the minutest detail. Timing included....

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Chaos: the old normal

Chaos is not the new normal. It has happened before and it will happen again. But there is a wisdom and guidance from God for His people....

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