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Through the Bible in 2018

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Setting our Hearts to Seek the Lord

Evil men take God’s resources and attempt to use them to oppose Him. Rehoboam and Judas exemplify this principle. But in the end, they die....

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Two Kings in Contrast

Today we meet two kings: Solomon and Jesus. Though kings they could not be more different in their lives and in their deaths....

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Choosing which Glory to Seek

Everyone must choose which glory to seek: the glory that comes from other people or the glory that comes from God. We cannot remain ambivalent....

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Lessons from Mount Moriah

Do you know the lessons of Mt. Moriah? What happened there shows us the gospel. Your response to those lessons is a matter of life and death....

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Why Mercy Triumphs over Judgment

To know God is the supreme privilege and responsibility of mankind. But what if we fail? Can there be mercy greater than judgment?...

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Learning to Trust the Love of God

The path of God may take us through pain, suffering, and death, but never away from His love and compassion. Will we trust Him?...

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Your Assignment from God

God makes assignments to His people. It may be enduring great suffering or making great music. But He is always glorified and His people always built up....

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Why We Must Stay with God's Word

We must take God’s Word seriously. David charged Solomon to do so. Jesus showed the Jews His commitment to the truth of Scripture....

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A Different Kind of Shepherd

God raised a shepherd boy to king in Israel, but that was only a faint picture of what He would ultimately do--give the world the greatest Shepherd King....

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No Drama; Simple Trust

Belief in God is evidenced by simple trust. No drama. Just a readiness to believe Him and to seek His direction in His Word....

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