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Through the Bible in 2018

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How God Uses Evil for Good

All things are not good but because God is wise and sovereign He uses all things for good. Some of those things are unspeakably evil....

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The Power and Authority of God

Despite what we may hear, truth is on the side of those who believe in the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has all authority and power....

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Darkness or Light?

Why do we run from the only Source of all that is true, good, and beautiful? The answer is sin makes us love darkness. But In Christ there is hope....

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Facing the Truth

God's word calls us to quit believing lies and deceiving ourselves. Jesus tells us why the time is now to begin facing the truth....

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Women of Faith and Action

Two very unlikely women became role models for us of faith and action. Find out why they were unlikely and what they did to merit such honor....

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The Kingdom that Cannot Fail

The old covenant and kingdom fell short of perfection yet it did point to the need for something better and enduring. Something only Jesus could bring....

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Loving God and Enemies

Believers are commanded to love their enemies. But does that include marrying the enemies of our God? The Scriptures are clear on this....

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Hated, Excluded, Reviled, Spurned, Blessed

What? Hated, Excluded, Reviled, Spurned, Blessed. This is how Jesus described His disciples. An odd group of words and an odd group of people....

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Old Wine, New Wine, & the Problem of Receptivity

It is natural and sensible to prefer the old to the new when it comes to wine. But this is not true when it comes to the Messiah and the Kingdom of God....

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Leadership Lessons from Jesus and Joshua

Leaders are frequently challenged by high stress situations and high maintenance people. God's Word gives guidance for effective leadership....

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