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The Bible in 2017

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Contagious Confidence

Not everything contagious is bad. Here we learn how confidence in the Lord in times of trial is contagious. Spread the germs....

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Sunless Days and Starless Nights

How can you tell your faith is unshaken in a storm with sunless days and starless nights? Today's reading gives a means to test the quality of your faith....

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The Pompous Dead

A man, even a king, who lacks understanding of who God is and how one is saved from sin is no better than an animal. In today's reading, we have an example....

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God Will be Glorified

God rules over the whole earth. He is with His people at all times and no matter what overtakes them. Ultimately, He will be exalted by all....

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Now or Never: the procrastinator's dilemma

Procrastination is the lie we tell ourselves when we don't want to take important action or make a difficult decision. Here we see a classic procrastinator....

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God’s Providential Care

God's people suffer, sometimes justly and sometimes unjustly. Either way, they trust in Him to deliver them for further service or to take them to glory....

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Paul’s Tweet

Our chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The godly believer focuses on this as life's circumstances range from monotonous to terrifying....

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When the Righteous are Afflicted

Isn't it illogical that the righteous suffer afflictions? Why wouldn’t God see that those who obey Him never suffer? Scripture enlightens those in the dark....

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The Limits of Wise Counsel

We must be careful to hear godly counsel while recognizing that even godly counsel is not infallible. Ultimately, we are responsible to obey God....

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The Prayer that Never Fails

Do you know the prayer that never fails? Paul knew it. David knew it. Jesus knew it. It is a prayer that God always answers....

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