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The Bible in 2017

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Ready to Die; Ready to Live

As a young Christian, I was told, “A man is not ready to live until he has something he will die for.” Here we meet two men who were ready to live....

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The Best Encouragers

A friend who knows how to encourage is always a wonderful thing. But do you know what kind of person makes the best encourager?...

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Cultural Collision Coming

There is no place for both the true God of heaven and earth and the idols of humankind. The gospel and popular culture are on a collision course....

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God’s Delight in Your Prayer

God’s children have special access to Him in prayer. But do you know that He delights in those who are His and who come to Him with their requests?...

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The Authority of the Bible

The Christian church spread widely and rapidly in the First Century. Do you know why? It can happen again if we follow the Apostles' example....

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God’s Righteous Judgment

Final divine judgment is not a popular topic today. Might that explain why we struggle to find meaning and purpose in life?...

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The Importance of Seeking God

God, who knows the hearts of all, is near to those who seek Him, even when His will for them may include trials and suffering....

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Midnight in a Roman Jail

Those who know the Lord God of heaven and earth have joy and peace unaffected by their outward circumstances because their confidence is in Him alone....

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Salvation Belongs to the LORD

God is sovereign over salvation. He uses means, such as gospel preaching but also works directly opening the hearts of His own so they hear and believe....

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God Uses People Warts and All

God works in and through people who are imperfect to accomplish His purposes and plans perfectly. If you are His, He has plans to use you warts and all....

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