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The Bible in 2017

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Choosing your Preacher

The character of a man or woman is revealed in their response to wise instruction. The wise listen to wisdom and act. Fools choose foolishness....

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The Paths to Life and Death

God’s Word bears the force of His authority. To ignore it is death, but to study and obey it brings wisdom for blessing and life....

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The Mature Thinker

Christians should be inexperienced in sin, but not ignorant of what it is. Extensive experience with wickedness contributes nothing to mature thinking....

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The Practice of Love

Biblical love is not a matter of mere words but expresses itself in practical ways both in what it does and what it avoids....

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The Importance of Seeking Wisdom

Wisdom and understanding which leads to the true knowledge of God and a proper fear of the Lord are keys to a blessed life. But can we attain this?...

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The Grand Finale of Praise

The final Psalms and the Lord's Supper prepare us for the coming grand finale of praise to God when Jesus Christ returns in all His glory for His people...

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To My Dying Breath

Have you found a purpose for life big enough to captivate your soul to your dying breath? The Bible points the way for you!...

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Guidance for Complex Decisions

God's word meets us in real life where we face questions that require His direction. Here we find two examples of how to deal with complex matters....

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To Whom Do You Trust Your Life?

We live in a culture that shouts to us “trust yourself!” and “you can do it!” But how is that working for us? The Bible has a different perspective....

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Being and Doing the Lord’s Work

The disciple of Jesus Christ is both a product of God's workmanship and a workman in His service. Life is a path of growth in Him and service for Him....

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