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The Bible in 2017

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God’s Ambassadors

God has appointed His people to be His ambassadors to those who do not know Him. The gospel goes out by word of mouth from those who have believed....

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When Believers Suffer

Believers are not automatically sheltered from suffering, but God is sovereign, good, and trustworthy whether or not He reveals His purpose for it....

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Wanted: Celestial Mediator

The dilemma of fallen man since the Garden of Eden is to learn how to be right before God. Job called in agony for a celestial mediator. And God answered....

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The Danger of Forsaking the Fear of the Almighty

When people lose their reverent fear of God, they are capable of all manner of atrocities toward other human beings made in His image....

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Everyone’s a Theologian

RC Sproul says, “Everyone’s a theologian, but not all are good theologians.” See how speech under great stress revealed two men to be excellent theologians....

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Nobodies Made Famous by God

Those whom God chooses and uses for His purposes need not hold high standing in their society. Here we meet two ordinary men--nobodies until God used them....

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Obedience by Faith

Queen Esther risked her life to obey God. So did the apostles. We applaud them now, but at the time they had to practice obedience by faith....

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The Faithful Church Impacts Culture

The presence of God’s people within an unbelieving culture impacts that society. But will we learn from history and stand firm for the truth in our day?...

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Praying to a Big God for Big Things

How a person prays reflects much about his or her faith in and knowledge of God. Today we get a look at the prayer lives of three great men of God....

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God or Government? Choosing Whom to Obey

God’s people understand that our secular rulers are servants of God who must be obeyed except when they command disobedience to the Lord....

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