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Through the Bible in 2018

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The Perfect and Eternal Priest

Fallen humanity needed a priest to intercede before God, but only the perfect and eternal priesthood of the Son of God would prove effective....

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Vows of God

Biblical history shows that when God makes a vow, He swears by Himself for there is nothing and no one greater. It will be done. Always....

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The Everlasting Covenant

Jesus Christ is the High Priest of a new, everlasting covenant that will never be forgotten. His ministry brings eternal salvation to all who obey Him....

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Confidence in the Worst of Times

God’s people can have confidence in the midst of any kind of trial, because He keeps His hand upon them and uses the worst circumstances for good....

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The Confusing Faces of Sin

Our enemy, Satan, never shows us the truth. Do you know how he uses a deceptive tactic we see in sports? Learn how he persists in confusing those he traps....

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Drifter, Be Warned

Few set out intentionally to disobey God, to defy His commands and ignore His truth, but many a drifter can be lost by carelessly neglecting His Word....

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The Longed-For Kingdom

The reign of Jesus Christ, unlike that of Zedekiah, is founded on righteousness and will endure forever--the kingdom to which all God’s people belong....

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The Use and Abuse of Authority

All authority comes from God, so it must be used in God-honoring ways. Here we have contrasting examples of men in authority....

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God’s Love

Those who find God’s forgiveness and restoration always recognize two things: their own sinful unworthiness, and God’s loving kindness....

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Good Attitudes about Good Works

God demonstrates that works--to be good--must be done with good attitudes of delight and enthusiasm never begrudgingly. And He commands that we do the same....

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